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I highly admire the bloggers who manage to find a way to blog everyday.  It takes a lot of time and, when life gets in they way, it sometimes must go on the back burner.  Though, I admit, I had not planned on it taking this long between posts.

Since November, I have been busy filming a web series called Morbid Curiosity TV.  It has been quite an adventure and I have learned far more about the production and editing side of television than I ever thought I would!  Morbid Curiosity TV blends historical sites with a bit of exploration and paranormal and we take viewers into locations never before seen on TV, which has been exciting.  With that coming to a close for the season, I am now working on a new photography book featuring many of my images from the United Kingdom over the years.  So look for it soon :).

And, apparently, based on the news, we should all be preparing for a Zombie Apocalypse.  Hadn’t planned on that one.

I promise to try to stay more up to date on blogging but in the meantime thank you to everyone who has read my past posts and who continues to follow in the hopes that one day I’m magically appear again!


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