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If you’re reading this you may be asking, who is this person?  Surely someone doesn’t really do all that she claims to.

But I do.  I have been involved in the archaeology/historic community in the Philadelphia area for nearly twenty years, starting out at Historic Rittenhousetown back in 1990.  I volunteered at an excavation after making the decision to leave the acting world for a bit.  As it turned out, I loved it!  Over the years I continued digging, giving tours, working with program development, etc. while at the same time diving a bit more into my love of photography.  Eventually I jumped into the world of professional photography (wildlife and travel) as excavations in the Philadelphia area came to a near halt.

As luck would have it, Philadelphia once more became a center of television and movie filming so, already established in local archaeology and as a photographer, I jumped back in which is what I’ve been juggling for many years now – while throwing a bit of paranormal investigations into the mix.  Why paranormal?  I was working at another archaeology site that many local paranormal groups wanted to investigate.  The site pretty much handed over the paranormal part to me so I was able to sit in with them and realized that, while interesting from a ‘what is it’ perspective (and having always been interested in haunted places), it would also provide a wonderful opportunity to see historic places when there were no tourists around.  Over time this turned into a way to help struggling historic sites use the paranormal aspect to raise money while maintaining the importance of the actual history.

So ultimately, I have been fortunate enough to be able to utilize my experiences as a photographer, all aspects of historic involvement, acting and yes, even paranormal together to help preserve sites.

In this blog I will post about all sorts of different topics from archaeology news to historic site events and fundraisers to photography tips or just simply a journal of my travels.


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