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I highly admire the bloggers who manage to find a way to blog everyday.  It takes a lot of time and, when life gets in they way, it sometimes must go on the back burner.  Though, I admit, I had not planned on it taking this long between posts.

Since November, I have been busy filming a web series called Morbid Curiosity TV.  It has been quite an adventure and I have learned far more about the production and editing side of television than I ever thought I would!  Morbid Curiosity TV blends historical sites with a bit of exploration and paranormal and we take viewers into locations never before seen on TV, which has been exciting.  With that coming to a close for the season, I am now working on a new photography book featuring many of my images from the United Kingdom over the years.  So look for it soon :).

And, apparently, based on the news, we should all be preparing for a Zombie Apocalypse.  Hadn’t planned on that one.

I promise to try to stay more up to date on blogging but in the meantime thank you to everyone who has read my past posts and who continues to follow in the hopes that one day I’m magically appear again!


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Figured I’d try to impress with throwing some French in the subject line as the rest of the blog may be anti-climatic (sort of how many of us were highly disappointed there were no zombies wandering around May 21 but I digress).

In my first blog about HDR technique I chose an autumn tree – not necessarily the best subject but the only one I had quick access to at the time.

For this one I delved into my collection of images from the United Kingdom, England to be precise here.  I took this image of Lacock Abbey:

And converted it to this using Photomatix Pro:

I think this image worked out much better than the previous tree which just goes to show that it is important to know what subjects/images may or may not work for certain techniques and, of course, a willingness to keep trying until you find what works best for you :).

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Thanks to Twitter I have been reading and seeing a lot about HDR photography.  At first I thought I was missing some new lens or something but no, it is a post-processing er, process. 🙂  HDR stands for High Dynamic Range Imaging (yes, the I is left out of the anagram).  In simple terms it appears to be the digital equivilant to the old ‘sandwich’ technique used with slides.  Three bracketed  images, though it can be more than three and sometimes just two, are merged together to create one image.

The most talked about program to do this is Photomatix, though some do use Photoshop or other digital darkroom programs.

However, I am far from an expert on HDR, I only tried to figure it out the other day.  That all said, here is an image I took in the fall… no post-process done at all:

It has bright, autumn colors already.  As a photographer, I can see where this really could ‘pop’ just a bit more.  So, I decided to use the above image as my experimental piece for HDR as color seems to work the best.

The result using Photomatix:

Again, I would like to state, this is my first attempt.  There are many amazing HDR photographers (many of whom are on Twitter and well worth following) who have nicely taken the time to write blogs or even post YouTube tutorials about HDR.

For more HDR images be sure to Google HDR or check out Flickr.

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